Our Lodge By-laws require that the Worshipful Master make appointments to the various committees at or before the first stated communication in January. The membership of the Finance Committee and the Temple Association are found in the By-laws of the Lodge and the Temple Association, respectively.

Committee assignments for 2019 are as follows:


Danny Tomlinson, WM – Chair (Worshipful Master)
Robert Thomas, PM (Senior Warden)
Bill Skewes, PM (Secretary)
L. Dean Clark, PM (Treasurer)
Bill Achbach, PM (At-Large)

The Finance Committee shall present a proposed budget for the following year at the second communication in October of each year.  The budget will be adopted by the Lodge in November of each year.


Bill Achbach, PM – Chair
L. Dean Clark, PM
Jim Thomas


Ted Brown, PM – Chair
Robert Thomas, PM
Al Brown, PM


Robert Thomas, PM – Chair
Al Brown, PM
Bart Corfee, PM

The Audit Committee will present its Annual Report to the Lodge at the second communication in February of each year.

Youth, Library and Schools

Bart Corfee, PM – Chair
Don Hale
Chris Boyd

The Youth, Library & Schools Committee will make an Annual Report to the Lodge at the second communication in October of each year.

Building, Grounds & Cemetery

L. Dean Clark, PM – Chair
Jim Thomas
Don Hale

Temple Association

Danny Tomlinson – President  (Worshipful Master)
Robert Thomas, PM – 1st VP  (Senior Warden)
Chris Boyd – 2nd VP  (Junior Warden)
L. Dean Clark, PM – Treasurer (Treasurer)
Larry Olde, PM – Assistant Treasurer (Junior Past Worshipful Master)
Bill Skewes, PM – Secretary (Secretary)
Bill Achbach, PM – Assistant Secretary (Senior Deacon)