Evergreen Lodge

History of Evergreen Lodge #179 A. F. & A. M

  • Instituted – October Sixth, 1953
  • Constituted – March Twentieth, 1953
  • Consolidated into Idaho Springs Lodge #26 – January 25, 1993

The following is the first paragraph of the minutes of the first meeting of the Evergreen Acacia Club:

On the evening of November 29, 1947, a group of Master Masons from in and about Evergreen, gathered informally at the home of Austin Dallas in Evergreen with the express purpose in mind of forming some sort of Masonic club for the present, but with the longtime purpose in mind of the eventual establishment of a Lodge in Evergreen to serve Masonic interests in this area.

The roll call of those present included the following:

Ed Dieter, Jack Thomas, Walter Myrick, Martyn Temple, Henry Worley, Austin Dallas, Wes Temple, Prince McCracken, H. G. Davidson, Sr., Herb Dralle, Le Roy Gray, Bob Koenig, Carl Herzman, Walter Daes.

At this first meeting of 14 Master Masons, the name of Evergreen Acacia Club was chosen with the following officers:

Martyn Temple, president
Austin Dallas, vice president
Carl Herzman, secretary and treasurer

The Evergreen Acacia Club held many social events over the next seven years. These events included, among other things, entertainment nights, banquets, picnics, Masonic education opportunities and charitable functions.

On June 8, 1948 Frank Garrigues gave to the club, approximately 12 1/2 acres of ground for a recreation area and on June 22 he was voted a Life-Honorary membership in the club.

June 18, 1949 club members put a rail fence around the Club grounds.

June 25, 1949 The Club held a family picnic on the Club grounds.

August 8, 1949 a foundation for a shelter house, was poured and rafters pealed.

September 24, 1949 a family picnic was held on the Club grounds and the shelter house completed.

On April 30, 1952 the necessary paperwork was started to form a Masonic Lodge.

October 14, 1952 arrangements were made to enlarge the and improve the club room sufficient to hold lodge meetings.

January 13, 1953 Carl Williams donated a heating plant to the club.

October 6, 1953 Evergreen Lodge #179 A. F. & A. M., was instituted.

The Lodge was constituted on March 20, 1954.

Due to declining membership in the area and increased operating expenses Evergreen Lodge #179 consolidated into Idaho Springs Lodge #26 – January 25, 1993