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Bartley A. Corfee - 2016

Why I am so proud and honored to be your 2016 Worshipful Master

Just look at the designation of "PM" behind all the names listed on the officer list for 2016.
Who would not be honored to have the support and teachings from all of them over
the past seven years. In 2008 my Brothers from Idaho Springs No. 26 and Central
Lodge No. 6, raised me to the sublime degree of Master Mason.
All of the Brethern present then and here
today make me remember that our Brotherhood is everlasting.

For 2016, I would like to continue with the fine work of our Junior Past Master, John Gould,
concentrating on brotherhood membership, public education in our society,
building maintenance,
and prudent fiscal / financial oversight.

The Idaho Springs, Evergreen and mountain communities are going through positive
transitions with a resurgence of business ownership and homeownership.
In 1992 my
wife and I moved to Evergreen and we noticed the slow pace, post the savings & loan
crisis and, as we soon found out, for Colorado there was the oil boom and bust.
So now in
2016 we as Coloradans and our state leadership seem to be quite the focus in national
elections, housing, business development, and education.

So my Brothers in 2016 let us focus on our children, our communities
and our brotherhood development
building upon
Wisdom, Strength and Beauty
forever more.
Very Respectfully,

Bartley A. Corfee - Worshipful Master

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