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John Gould - 2015

As Master of Idaho Springs Lodge #26 for the 2015 Masonic year 
I would like to pursue the precept of Masonic support for Public Education in our society. 
This has been one of the major goals of Masons from the beginning. 
We have supported it with our scholarships
for high school students wanting to further their education. 

I would like to change the idea that these scholarships are only for going to colleges -
to the idea that there are many forms of continuing education
that our society must have.

I would also like to work with the brethren of our Lodge 
to see if we can increase our membership.
Is there something we can change to keep our Lodge active and growing?
It may mean that we have to change our paradigm.
Can we reach out to other Lodges that are prospering
and see what it is that they are doing that we might be able to emulate?

It is a great honor to be elected to be the Worshipful Master of our Lodge
and I hope to do justice to the office.

John Gould - Worshipful Master

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