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William F. Skewes - 2014

It is with deep humility that I assume the role of Worshipful Master. 
I also do this with a sincere dedication to the masonic goals of
making good men better men and advancing education.

Over many centuries Freemasonry developed methods of achieving these goals
through allegorical symbolism. 
Much of modern Freemasonry can trace the development of these goals to 
Freemasons of the enlightenment: 
Voltaire, Sir Isaac Newton, Ben Franklin, George Washington and Thomas Paine - to name a few. 
This tradition should and can be continued. 
At our lodge, it is important to involve as many of the brothers of Idaho Springs Lodge #26
as possible in pursuing these objectives.

Our methods we will include, among other things, 
the proper conduct of the work and floor work, 
preparation of the officers to do the former 
and the mentoring of our newer members in the foregoing 
as well as the history of Freemasonry.

William F. Skewes - Worshipful Master

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