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L. Dean Clark  -  2013

2013 Masters Message

The 2012 Masonic year at Idaho Springs Lodge #26 AF & AM was ably led by 
Worshipful Master Al Brown. Al had been Master of our Lodge previously in 1980 and 1983. 
His Father, the late Walter Brown, was Master of our Lodge in 1975. 

My Father, Lester D. Clark was Master of our Lodge in 1986 and 1989. 
He subsequently served as Lodge Treasurer for over a decade.

Worshipful Brother Al’s accomplishments and priorities I’ll carry forth 
to the limits of my own ‘Cable-Tow’. 

His 2012 Masters Message is worthwhile for review by every Brother. 
In addition to the stated laudable pursuits of Stewardship, 
Heritage, Ritual, Mentoring and Officer Preparation, I have the following goals;

Honor the Lodge Motto “Education is the Cornerstone of Masonry Everywhere”

Focus our Lodge collective talent upon our financial health and growth.

Strengthen our commitment and capabilities for Scholarships
to worthy students of Clear Creek County.

Update and re-vise our Lodge By-laws to reflect the foregoing.

L. Dean Clark - Worshipful Master

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